May 29, 2012


We are moving next month so of course we had to do Disneyworld before we left! The kids loved it!! We had so much fun together and they are already asking to go back. We went 2 days in a row because we got some awesome passes for being Florida residents and they were really good most of the time. They just hated waiting in line, but who can blame them right!

The Buzz Lightyear ride broke down while we were on it. It was the kids first ride at the park too. I got to get some pictures though :)

First carousel ride!

Waiting for the electric light parade with Uncle Kris

The boys passed out after the parade

Conner fell asleep while eating his lunch the second day. I love his big belly hanging out :)

Downtown Disney Lego store

We had so much fun! I can't wait to go with them again!

April 21, 2012

Catch up!

We have had some fun time over here! Conner has turned one and we are officially moving back to Arizona!!! I am so excited. Shaun was offered a job over there and we are very excited to move on to this new chapter of our lives. We will be moving in June. So if anyone would like to drive across the country with Shaun give us a call :)

 Happy Birthday my sweet little boy!!
 Yummy cake!

 Painting with colored pudding, so fun!
 Easter baskets!! They loved it!
Daddy did my hair today. (I was trying so hard not to laugh when shaun was doing her hair)

March 14, 2012

Disney cruise

Sorry I haven't posted on here for a while. I thought no one was reading my posts and then my family said that they were missing my posts so here is a little update!

At the end of January we went as a family on a Disney cruise! It is so much fun! Luckily my parents were able to come too and we all had a blast. This was what Shaun said he really wanted to do before we left Florida, so we made it happen. All the kids had a blast and so did we! Can't wait until we get to do it again:)
Here they are on their thrown! Parker is just hanging out and there is our little proper princess!

They loved seeing all of the characters!Here we all are on Castaway Cay with the ship, it was huge!

I think Tinkerbell was Janalee's favorite! She even sat down on the floor with them for a few minutes and was chatting with them, they loved every minute of it! (sorry about the glowing eyes there)
Posing like Aladdin!
Hugs from Ariel!
Tiana! Parker's shirt the day we meet all the princesses said "eligible bachelor" hahaha
Snow White
This was on our first day, they were so excited to be there!

October 30, 2011


I had so much fun with Halloween this year!! I love that I have 2 kids that understand what is going on and have fun with it! We had our ward trunk-or-treat last night and I am already posting pictures it it, aren't I amazing :) We had a tangled theme for Halloween too. I was trying to get more that one use out of the dress I made Janalee for her birthday.
Aren't they the cutest kids in the world!!
Conner is pascal from Tangled.
What a cute chameleon!
And of course Rapunzel herself
Double use of the long braid from her party too!
Flynn Rider, or as Janalee kept calling him all night Eugene :)
This is the happiest baby in the world, you just can't help but love him!!

Here are the pumpkins we did this year, looking pretty good :)

At the ward trunk-or-treat they had pony rides, the kids LOVED them!!

October 21, 2011

I'm back

I have been a horrible blogger lately! We have been so busy around here and when I do get a moment to sit down on the computer Shaun is on the good one and I have the horribly slow one. Someday I will get a nice new computer that isn't super slow :)
Anyway, we have been up to a lot lately and so here is a little recap of our adventures around here.
My mom, sister, and niece came to visit!! It was so much fun to have them over here. I love my family, they are so awesome!!

Janalee and my niece Kaylee-two cuties!

Here are my handsome boys

I remember when I was little how we would cram as many kids and would fit into the bath at a time, it was fun for my kids to have a bath with their cousin :)

Of course we had to go to the beach while they were here. It was awesome! Perfect weather and lots of fun!

I hope we get to see them all again soon!! I miss being close to my family. Hopefully soon we will be a least within driving distance to them :)

Janalee has started soccer and we are all having fun with it. Shaun is the coach of her team and it is really fun for all of us. She is doing pretty good. She is on a team with only one girl who has only been there a few times, but she is learning to play with the boys :) She has even scored a couple goals, woo hoo!!

Janalee also turned 4 this month! I can't believe she is that old, my little baby girl has grown up, sniff sniff!! We had a great Tangled birthday party for her that was tons of fun! I had way too much fun putting this party together.
Here is her birthday banner that is now hanging in her room.

We played pin the nose of Flynn Rider and the kids got to draw and color their own noses. These are Rapunzel and Flynn's boat on the water. (I stole most all of these idea's from someone else on the internet so don't be too impressed)
The weather was so perfect that we could eat outside with made for a much easier clean up :)
Everyone got to make a crown for the party, what a cute bunch of kids!
Rapunzel's tower that they all got to color on like Rapunzel. After the party we cut a door in it so Janalee and Parker are having a blast playing with it. That brad was aweful to make and I will never do it again, but I think it is really cute and all the kids loved it.
Here is my sad attempt at Rapunzel's tower. Janalee liked it though so that is what matters.
I made her a dress for her birthday. She is in kid heaven when she is in dress up clothes!